Additional Services

Meals for Our Patients

We offer “At Your Request” food delivery to our patients. “At Your Request” allows you to ask for a made-to-order meal for all your meal selections – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will have a Room Service menu in your room upon arrival. If you do not see a menu, please ask your nurse for a copy.


Please note that during your stay, your doctor may place you on a special diet related to your medical condition. If you are on a special diet, your nurse can help explain your restrictions and assist you in making appropriate menu selections.

Telephones and Television

Most patient rooms have telephones. On each telephone is a four-digit extension number, different from your room number. Persons outside the Medical Center may contact you directly by dialing the patient information number at 252-793-4135.

If you would like to have your room telephone turned off or routed to the nurses' station, please speak with your nurse. Please do not unplug the telephone.


To place a local call outside the Medical Center, dial 9, the area code, and the seven-digit telephone number. For patients with hearing difficulties, phone amplifiers are available by contacting your nursing staff. Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) service is available.

Spiritual Care/Chapel


Our chapel and meditation area is located between the Ambulatory Surgical Unit and Inpatient Med-Surg Unit within the hospital, just off the main lobby. It’s open 24 hours a day. Our team at Washington Regional is committed to caring for your spiritual, emotional and physical health.


We are seeking interfaith chaplains from our region to join our efforts to meet patients’ and families’ needs through inpatient spiritual visitation.  They will represent a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, and seek to honor and support the unique faith experience of those they serve.  They are a vital part of the health care team to offer spiritual and emotional care, reducing anxiety and stress, support in grief and loss, assistance in adjustment to chronic illness, and referrals to short-term pastoral counseling if requested. 


To discuss our opportunities for chaplain spiritual care services please call the general hospital information number at 252-793-4135.

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